John Maxwell began his leadership journey with the phrase “Keep a distance”. It was a phase he often heard. Good leaders are supposed to be a little set apart from those they are leading. However, Maxwell discovered that although it meant that people could not hurt him, yet, it also meant that people could not help him. So, at the age of twenty-five, Maxwell made a decision that as a leader, he would “walk slowly through the crowd.” He would allow himself to be vulnerable and be willing to take the risk in getting close to the people he leads. He also allowed people to get close to him. Maxwell realized that he needed to love people before he could even begin trying to lead them.

As a leader, you never get to the top alone. You always need the support of people. Getting to the top is necessary to taking others to the top. A leader’s personal success must always end with helping others achieve theirs. A leader needs to go to the level of his people in order to reach out to them. If you are in leadership, loneliness is not a positional issue. Instead, it is a personality issue. Leadership is relational as much as positional.

If you are a leader and you are currently feeling lonely, then you need to check yourself. There is probably something you are not doing right. Maxwell puts it in a very interesting way when he says “Think about it. If you are all alone, that means nobody is following you. And if nobody is following you, you are not really leading!”

Sebastian Straciug
Sebastian Straciug

My goal is to inspire and help people around me to become true leaders, to reach their full potential, their objectives and to get to the next level. I am very lucky to do what I love and that is helping people to develop themselves and to develop other people.

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