When it comes to winning with people, everything begins with the ability to think about people other than ourselves. People who remain self-centered and self-serving will always have a hard time getting along with others. To help them break that pattern of living, they need the big picture. If you would like to improve your ability to see the big picture and put others first, then do the following:

Get out of your “own little world.” To change focus, people need to get out of their own little world. If you have a narrow view of people, go places you have never gone, meet the kinds of people you do not know, and do things you have not done before. It will change your perspective, as it has done mine.

Check your ego at the door. An egotist can be described not as a person who thinks too much of himself, but as someone who thinks too little of other people. That’s a good description. We often mistakenly believe that the opposite of love is hate. But I believe that’s incorrect. The opposite of loving others is being self-centered. If your focus is always on yourself, you’ll never be able to build positive relationships.

Understand what brings fulfillment. Ultimately the things that bring fulfillment involve others. A person who is entirely self-focused will always feel restless and hungry.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you need healthy relationships. And to build those kinds of relationships, you need to get over yourself.

John Maxwell — Winning with People


Sebastian Straciug
Sebastian Straciug

My goal is to inspire and help people around me to become true leaders, to reach their full potential, their objectives and to get to the next level. I am very lucky to do what I love and that is helping people to develop themselves and to develop other people.

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